Saturday, January 4, 2014

Selamat pagi, Embun

It's a drop of morning dew
Why have you gone out of view
Wouldn't you be here to face a new
Day smiling at you

Will the sun be bright and shine
Or the clouds will overshadow your day tomorrow
With feeling of sadness and sorrow

I'll set a sail to a sea of dreams
And fantasies whirl with the wind
It's mistery of The Almighty

It's in my life, my heart, my soul, my sense of love
There I will try to find a peace of mind
and in my life my heart my soul my sense of love
the living pearls of live for me to find in my mind
so my heart won't go blind in my life

Drops of fresh morning dew
I'll be waiting here for you
only god knows how tomorrow will be like for you and for my life

Sherina - My Life

Bella Fariza Hanifa
Bandung, 5 Januari 2014

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